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1- How many allegations of a) sexual assault and b) sexual harassment has your trust received against staff members in each of the past four years?
2- In how many of the cases were any of the alleged victims aged 18 or under at the time of the alleged offence?
3- In how many of the cases were any of the alleged victims current or former patients?
4- For each case, did it lead to i) internal disciplinary proceedings, ii) external disciplinary proceedings (i.e. through a regulator) and/or iii) a financial settlement.
5- For each case, please provide a broad description of the allegations involved, including the number of alleged victims / alleged perpetrators; their age (within a 10-year band); the date of the alleged offence and whether the alleged perpetrator occupied a managerial position.
6- For each case, please list the gender of the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim. Alternatively, provide totals for the genders of the alleged perpetrators and alleged victims across all of your cases.
7- For each case which was dealt with by disciplinary proceedings, how many alleged offenders were i) fired; ii) suspended, iii) received written or verbal warnings.
8- Please provide the value of any financial settlement in each case.
9- Did any settlements (financial or otherwise) include clauses placing any restriction on the ability of the alleged victim to discuss the events involved or the institution? If so, how many?

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