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Please can you outline your agency spend into each 52 weeks or 12 months for the year 2018 (I understand the year has not finished yet so up to OCTOBER 2018) would be sufficient.
1. How many agencies did your trust use in the year of 2018?
2. How much was spent on agency nurses in 2018?
3. On December 25th 2017, how many shifts went nursing shifts went unfilled?
4. What is the highest hourly rate paid to a locum agency in 2018 and what band was this nurse i.e. band 5 general.
5. Please list the names of agencies that we used in year 2018 and list the total amount of spend for each used.
6. What is the total number of different nurse locums did the trust use in 2018.
7. What was the highest hourly rate paid to an agency for a nurse in 2018 – Please state what agency this was and what band they were.
8. Of all agencies used, were any off framework? If so, what are the agencies called?
9. Who is the head of procurement at your Trust who approves agency use?
10. Who approves above-cap and/or off-framework usage?
11. Who are your tier 1 and tier 2 agencies?

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