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After your baby is born, you will have lots to think about. It is important to look after yourself as parents as well as your new baby. This section will give you information about things to consider once you are home.

Community care at home

You will be seen by the community midwives and maternity support workers once you are home, usually the day after your baby’s birth or the day after you get home.  You will also receive a visit when your baby is 5 days old in order to weigh your baby and perform the Newborn Bloodspot Screening also known as the heel prick test. Most baby’s lose a small amount of weight after birth so your community midwife will ask about how your baby is feeding and re-weigh your baby on day 5 and 10. If you or your midwife have any feeding concerns you will be offered additional visits or be invited to a postnatal clinic.

Please note– Community midwives visit between 0900-1700 and are unable to give specific times for visits. If you are expecting your first visit at home and have not heard from a midwife by 1500, please call Midwifery Liaison Office 01892 638158/633488.

Birth registration

You need to register your baby’s birth within 42 days. Please click here for more information.

Baby Care

New parents

For further information on Postnatal advice please speak to your community midwife or visit

Click here for information on contraception after having a baby. 

Health visitor service

The local health visitor team will be automatically informed of the birth of your baby and will contact you to arrange a home visit at around 10-12 days after the birth.

Health visitors are specialist community nurses who work with new parents offering support and informed advice around child and family health and child development. They offer a minimum of five home visits from birth to age two and can link you into Child Health Clinics and Children’s Centres.