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Birth Thoughts is a weekly midwifery-led clinic which offers people who have given birth at MTW, and who live in the West Kent area, the opportunity to talk about their birth experience and explore their thoughts and feelings with a midwife during the postnatal period.

Midwives are not trained counsellors or therapists but will be able to talk and listen to you and help you understand your birth experience and answer any questions you may have about your care. If it is felt further support is needed, midwives can signpost you to other services.

Appointments take place virtually and last around an hour. You can invite a friend or partner to join you on the session if you would prefer. The midwife will review your notes prior to the session in order to support you during the discussion.

You can refer yourself for an appointment by completing the form below. Once submitted your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted by phone or email with an appointment – please note that phone calls will come from a private or withheld number.

The midwifery-led clinic was set up in response to NHS England’s Better Births report’s 5-year plan which aims to provide better postnatal mental health care.

As part of the Better Birth Initiative, people now have access to their birth and postnatal notes while on the postnatal ward at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, or staying at one of the Trust’s birth centres in Maidstone or Crowborough, giving them an opportunity to talk with the staff on the ward before going home too.

Please note there is currently a 6 month wait for this birth thoughts service. Additionally, you will only receive correspondence from the hospital about your appointment 2-3 weeks before your appointment is scheduled to take place. Please be reassured, if you complete the form below, we will be booking you into the next available appointment. This is under constant review.



We will be in touch as soon as possible with your appointment date. You should expect to wait no longer than a month.

When filling in the form you are asked to fill in details about yourself. This is a secure site and the information sited will only be used for the purpose stated in each case. Any comments submitted to the Trust will be treated as confidential and will be safeguarded and process in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDRP)