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Every year on International Day of the Midwife (5 May) and International Nurses Day (12 May) we celebrate the enormous contribution our nursing and midwifery professionals make across our hospitals and in our communities.

These two days give us an opportunity to reflect on the dedication and expertise of our diverse and highly skilled workforce, and the difference our nursing and midwifery teams make to patients and families every day. They are an opportunity to celebrate all our colleagues for their expertise, compassion and dedication to delivering the highest standards of care.

Our nursing and midwifery team includes:
  • over 1700 nurses
  • over 200 midwives
Over 150 International Nurses and Midwives joined us in 2023/2024, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills. Remarkably, 145 of them have already passed their Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, and we congratulate them on their hard work and achievement.




Our 2024 Nursing and Midwifery Awards

Congratulations to all our winners and a thank you for your outstanding work to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate colleagues for the awards across all categories.

Casey Ann Sammells, Student Nurse of the Year

Student Nurse of the Year

Our winner is Casey Anne Sammells. Casey has been working recently on Ward 12 at Tunbridge Wells Hospital and has become a vital part of the team.

She has shown great empathy and care to the patients on the ward and has assisted the nursing staff, always with a smile on her face and in a professional manner.




Tanya Lang, Student Midwife of the Year

Student Midwife of the Year

Our winner is Tanya Lang. Tanya is a dedicated student midwife who is always proactive in learning and developing her skills.

She has excellent patient care and always supports women and their families to a high standard.





Yasmin Courtney, Nursing Associate of the Year

Nursing Associate of the Year

Our Nursing Associate of the Year is Yasmin Courtney from Ward 12. Yasmin is an excellent example of how we can support and develop our HCSWs.

She has excellent clinical skills and always supportive to our nurses and supports our Internationally Educated Nurses in their transitions. Yasmin’s attitude to her work is one to be proud of.




Anu Priya Jose, Nursing Associate of the Year

Internationally Educated Nurse of the Year

Our winner is Anu Priya Jose who joined the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at Tunbridge Wells Hospital as an Internationally Educated Nurse.

Anu has now developed as an excellent Band six who supports her team and managers the busy area of the AMU.





Clinical Nurse Specialist of the Year

Our winner is Becky Hankin, our Learning Disability Liaison Nurse. Becky is so supportive not just to our patients but to the staff as well, she always goes above and beyond to ensure the patient gets the best journey possible from being in hospital.


Emily Hartingdon, Specialist Midwife of the Year

Specialist Midwife of the Year

The winner is Emily Hartingdon.

Emily has worked tirelessly this year to develop and train staff for the new fetal monitoring guideline.





Professional Nurse Advocate of the Year

Our winners are the Intensive Care Unit Professional Nurse Advocates who were nominated as a team for the fantastic support given to staff in ICU.

They are also recognised for having pioneered the Professional Nurse Advocate role at MTW.


Angela Clarke, Professional Midwife Advocate of the Year


Professional Midwife Advocate of the Year

Our winner is Angela Clarke from the Midwifery Specialist Team.

Angie is an exceptionally kind individual. She has supported many members of staff through difficult issues while continuing with her substantive role as compliance lead.

Angie always has time for everyone, is extremely knowledgeable and will also help if she can.



Hannah Fosberry, Lead PDN for Medicine & Emergency Care

Nurse Innovator of the Year

The winner of this award is Hannah Fosberry, Lead Practice Development Nurse for Medical and Emergency Care.

Hannah has developed the Band 5 development programme which has been successfully piloted in Stroke and is now being scoped for the whole Division. This programme supports the development of our junior workforce.

Hannah is extremely supportive and passionate about education and the development of our workforce which has been acknowledged by all who work with her.



Tamsin Knott, Midwife Innovator of the Year

Midwife Innovator of the Year

The Midwife Innovator of the Year is Tamsin Knott.

Tamsin champions perinatal mental health and has been innovative in the development of virtual hubs for women, which provide support and initiate networking/social relationships.




Steph MicKinley, Rising Star in Digital Nursing

Rising Star in Digital Nursing

Our winner is Steph McKinley, our Clinical Pathway Development Lead for Cancer Services.

Stephanie has been instrumental in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) straight to test pathway and worked really closely with the digital team to digitalise pathways.




Katy Deadman and Emily Bradley, Rising Stars in Digital Midwifery

Rising Star in Digital Midwifery

Our winners are Katy Deadman and Emily Bradley.

Emily has taken the lead on the digital procurement project.

Katy leads on our social media presence and has been instrumental in ensuring staff are always kept up to date with information.





Patient Safety Champion of the Year (Nurse)

The winner of this award is Lorenzo Gacuma.

Lorenzo is the Patient Safety Lead for the Intensive Care Unit at Tunbridge Wells Hospital and has, in collaboration with other members of the team, developed a watch out notice and learning from excellence template to report and share LFPSE (learning from patient safety events) learning, including examples of good care.


Hannah Sydee, Patient Safety Champion of the Year (Midwife)

Patient Safety Champion of the Year (Midwife)

Our winner is Hannah Sydee who works in the Risk and Governance team.

She is completely dedicated to ensuring that risk incidents are dealt with in a sensitive and kind manner.





Hedgehog Ward, Team of the Year

Team of the Year

Our winner is Hedgehog Ward.
The team are receiving this award for their ongoing resilience and continued care and compassion that they have shown in some extremely challenging situations throughout the year.





Natalie Smith, Chief Nurse Special Award winner

Chief Nurse Special Award for Skilled, Kind, Proud (Nurse)

The winner for this award is Acute Oncology Nurse, Natalie Smith. Natalie is skilled in delivering high quality patient care to cancer patients including going above and beyond to ensure they get their best care from the team.

Natalie is always kind to patients, families and carers and always stays late to ensure patients have a voice in their care.

Natalie always ensures that she shares and engages with all teams across the organisation and promotes nursing as a proud profession at MTW.

Natalie consistently shows compassion and kindness to patients’ families and the wider staff across the hospital. She is always willing to offer help when visiting clinical areas to anyone that needs not just specialist advice but her kindness and support.

Her impact working with NHS colleagues in delivering quality care and good patient experience is unwavering. She truly is a role model for our Trust PRIDE values and actively promotes the nursing strategy key themes of “skilled, kind, proud”.


Ellie Hoy, Chief Nurse Special Award winner

Chief Nurse Special Award for Skilled, Kind, Proud (Midwife)

Our winner is Delivery Suite Midwife, Ellie Hoy. Ellie is one of our “home grown” midwives and is truly a midwife who deserves the accolade of Skilled, Kind and Proud.

She is a great team player and is extremely well thought of by her colleagues and by families that she cares for. She is confident in all areas of the service and is always prepared to be moved to work in areas that she had not be assigned to that day.

She is cool, calm and collected and always has amazing feedback from staff and families alike. We are grateful to have Ellie in our service.


Award from the Cavell Trust

Our winner for this award is Junior Gulliam. His quick thinking and outstanding bravery in the face of a real hospital fire is to be highly commended, he is truly living the Trust values and is one of our exceptional people.



Doniya Mathew, Nurse of the Year

Nurse of the Year

Our winner of Nurse of the Year is Doniya Mathew from Ward 2 at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Doniya’s journey started as a clinical support worker and she successfully completed her OSCE examinations and became a staff nurse.

Doniya was praised for her confidence and for always supporting her team.



Midwife of the Year

Lianna Greene is our Midwife of the Year. Lianna is an exceptional community midwife and has expanded her role to include regularly working at Crowborough Birthing Centre. She has also completed the Royal College of Midwives yoga teacher training in her own time.