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Dedicated police community support officer (PCSO), Sophie Lusher has been praised by hospital staff for saving the life of a colleague while on duty in Tunbridge Wells.

Sophie recently visited Tunbridge Wells Hospital with Local Policing Team Inspector, Patrick Griffiths, where Sean Briggs, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr Sara Mumford, Deputy Medical Director, presented her with gifts and thanked her for her actions.

The police community support officer, who has worked at Tunbridge Wells Police Station for 16 years, was driving a police car on Pembury Road earlier this year when she saw a member of the Trust’s staff had stopped her car and was in distress.

Getting out of her car to help, she went to the woman’s rescue. Realising she was choking, Sophie was successful in clearing the blockage in the woman’s throat. She then drove the woman to hospital.

Sophie said: “My instinct and training kicked in and there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to step in to help this lady, who was clearly in considerable distress. After the incident, I remained concerned because of the extreme force I had to use to clear her airway.

“I’m delighted and relieved she appears to be making a full recovery, and it has also been lovely to meet up with her at her home.”

Sean Briggs said: “I was honoured to meet Sophie to thank her for her heroism. I speak on behalf of the whole Trust when I express my gratitude; I am sure her family and the wider Kent Police team are incredibly proud of her.”

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is proud to work in partnership with Kent Police colleagues, and grateful to Sophie Lusher for her quick action.