Breast Cancer Kent has recently launched an app, in conjunction with Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, for patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The app was developed as clinicians were aware that patients wanted and needed information but struggled to retain details from their clinic consultations.

Dr Russell Burcombe, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, said, “Whilst there is a wealth of information about breast cancer on the internet many patients avoid searching the web for fear of reading information they don’t understand or stumbling across sources that may not be accurate. The app provides patients with instant access to information, written by their doctors and nurses, that they can rely on. Feedback from the patients who have piloted it so far has been extremely positive.”

In addition, the app can be programmed to send patients reminders about treatment, has links to other useful websites and support groups and contains all the necessary contact numbers.
Patients can also email questions to two senior breast care nurses for advice.

MTW Chief Executive Miles Scott said: “We welcome the development of the Breast Cancer Kent app, which is a fantastic resource for patients.

“The app has been developed as a handy tool to allow patients to access accurate and reliable information about any treatment or diagnostic tests they may have during their breast cancer care, at a time convenient for them.”