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Video Consultation Appointments (VCA) are an alternative way to provide outpatient appointments, which enables clinicians to consult with a patient by video at their home or any other appropriate location, with the aim to reduce patient travel and the associated expense. If accepted by the patient, VCA is an option for those patients deemed clinically appropriate for a video appointment, replacing existing face to face appointments.  Use of VCA within the relevant services is about offering patients a choice of receiving their consultation differently.

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We are now offering video appointments for specific patients and specialties. If you have been contacted by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to undertake an appointment via this method and have accepted a suitable time and date, we will schedule an appointment as normal and send you the details of the appointment via your chosen correspondence method (usually email).  On the date and time of your appointment, you can enter the virtual clinic via the relevant specialty link below. Instructions on how to access your appointment can also be found here.

If you are unsure of the specialty please check the patient clinic letter you were sent, which will confirm the specialty in the top right hand corner.

For best access please use one of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome on a desktop, or an Android tablet or smartphone
  • Safari on an Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone


Please choose the correct waiting room from the list below:

Audiology Services

Breast Unit

Cardiology Services

Chronic Pain


Diabetes and Endocrinology Services

Dietetics Services

Emergency Department

Emergency Department ophthalmology


Enhanced Supportive Care

Gastroenterology Services

General Surgery

Geriatric Medicine Services


Hearing Therapy

Neurology Services

Obstetric scanning

Oncology (Cancer) Services


Ophthalmology Services

Orthopaedic Services

Orthoptics Services

Paediatric (Children’s) Services


Physiotherapy Services

Respiratory Services

Rheumatology Services

Sexual Health Services


Speech Therapy Services

Stroke Services


Women’s Health Services

Please note: only patients who have undertaken a discussion with their clinician about meeting the criteria to undertake a Video Consultation Appointment (VCA) and received confirmation from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust of a VCA will be able to access a Video Clinic portal – all other patients should attend their appointment as usual

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view our FAQ document and troubleshooting guide below: