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Radiation Physics

Radiation Physics is made up of Health Physics (MTW), Radiology Physics (EKHUFT) and Nuclear Medicine Physics (MTW and EKHUFT) consists of Medical Physicists and Clinical Technologists specialising in radiation safety and medical imaging. The group works closely with a large number of staff groups within the Trust including radiology, oncology and estates.

The group covers a wide range of specialties to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors and staff who come into contact with sources of ionising radiation (eg x-rays, beta rays etc) and non-ionising radiation (eg ultra violet (UV) radiation and lasers etc).

In addition the group has vast expertise in medical imaging (X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and Ultrasound), and undertakes radioisotope therapy administration and some other non-imaging studies in nuclear medicine.


Our activities include:

  1. Equipment Checks and Quality Assurance Programmes for:
    • All X-ray Equipment (including dental)
    • Ultrasound Equipment
    • UV
    • Nuclear Medicine Equipment
    • Radiation Monitoring Equipment Calibration Service (eg contamination monitors and dose rate meters)
  2. Providing RPA and MPE advice for the Trust and many other clients. These include NHS Trusts (Kent Community Health, Medway NHS Foundation Trust and Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust), Vets, Educational Establishments and Dentists. Our advice includes local rules, risk assessments, shielding assessments, testing the integrity of shielding etc.
  3. Providing LPA advice for the Trust and a wide range of external clients.
  4. Providing radioactive waste advice, through our certified RWAs.
  5. Organisation of a personal dose monitoring service for all staff likely to be exposed to ionising radiations in the course of their work throughout Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust and other Trusts as necessary.
  6. Provision of training courses – We offer many training courses e.g Radiation Safety Sessions, IR(ME)R Theoretical training for practitioners and operators, or training for nurses who are required to request X-rays. We offer bespoke courses tailored to your requirements – contact us for details.

Meet the team

  • Mark Knight, Trust Radiation Protection Adviser, Consultant Medical Physicist and Head of the HPIG Group, RPA, RWA, MPE, 01622 225005
  • Katy Fleckney, Head of Radiology Physics /Consultant Clinical Scientist /Lead Clinical Scientist for Radiation Protection, RPA, MPE, 01622 226151
  • Karen Potts, Lead Partnership Physicist / Principal Medical Physicist, RPA, MPE, 01622 225297

Emergency Advice can be obtained via Maidstone Hospital Switchboard 01622 729000