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At Maidstone Birth Centre

What is a Birth Centre?

Birth Centres are small units which are staffed by midwives and maternity support assistants. They offer a comfortable environment where birth is treated as a normal process and in a less clinical way than in hospital, and are suitable for women who have been assessed as having a straight forward pregnancy.

Research findings from the Birth Place in England Study 2011, which studied more than 62,000 women with a straightforward pregnancy, found:

  • Birth Centres are just as safe as hospital for ‘low risk’ women
  • Women who give birth in a Birth Centre are more likely to have a straightforward birth with less medical intervention (such as caesarean or instrumental birth)
  • Women who give birth in a Birth Centre are more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and are also more likely to breastfeed successfully

Our own data from the last 3 years (and more than 1500 births), mirrors these findings – 89% of women starting labour at the Birth Centre had a normal birth and 90% of women use a water birth pool for labour while 74% of women proceed to having a water birth.

Maidstone Birth Centre

The Maidstone Birth Centre is a beautifully designed and comfortable environment staffed by senior midwives, where women can give birth and learn how to care for their babies in a relaxed home-from-home setting.

If your pregnancy is straightforward and there is no reason to think that you, or your baby, are likely to need medical support during labour, or after birth, then the Birth Centre is a good choice for you.

We encourage women and their birth partner to attend the information evening and tour at the Birth Centre between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. The information sessions are available for 4 couples every evening at 7pm and every weekend (Saturday and Sunday at 11am) and can be booked directly by contacting the Birth Centre on 01622 220161. Please note: we can only accommodate expectant mums plus one of their birthing partners at our information sessions.

A virtual tour and information film is also available to view. You can also find out more about us in the Maidstone Birth Centre 5 Year Report.

Contact us

Maidstone Birth Centre main switchboard – 01622 220160 / 220161

Maidstone Birth Centre Manager Janine Absalom – 01622 220161