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70, 000 people in the UK sustain a hip fracture each year.70% are over 80 years of age. Hip fractures are common in the frail elderly. However, they can occur in patients who are otherwise healthy and independent. Patients who are fit, well and active prior to surgery often recover well. However, not all patients get back to their previous level of independence, and may require a walking aid afterwards.

Those previously requiring a walking aid may struggle to mobilise and may need some assistance with activities of daily living afterwards (e.g. dressing, toileting, meal times). Hip fractures are common in frail, elderly patients in their last year of life, where medical problems are exacerbated following their fall and fracture.

At Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, treatment is always planned on an individual basis and you can read our leaflet for patients, relatives and carers to find out more about who will be involved in your care, your journey through hospital and what to expect before and after surgery. The leaflet also gives advice on physiotherapy and further advice on recovery.