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The Diabetes Departments at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospitals provide a patient-centred integrated service between primary and secondary care. We also provides specialist secondary care services.

We offer a wide range of patient services including:

  • Joint pregnancy clinics with consultants and diabetes nurses
  • Insulin infusion work
  • Use of continuous glucose meters to identify patient problems
  • Renal clinic
  • Close work with the podiatry service
  • Transitional clinics established for young people moving from paediatric (children’s) to adult clinics

We are also looking to establish obesity diabetes clinics.

Links with primary care organisations

We have close links with doctors’ surgeries in the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells area, many of which initiate insulin therapy. We also work collaboratively to ensure consistent policies and protocols throughout the area; for example, we work closely with our local PCT to develop consistent insulin guidelines.

We are heavily involved in the provision of professional development for GPs and Practice Nurses, to encourage insulin initiation in primary care. Additionally, a rolling programme of education is also being developed in collaboration with our colleagues in primary care. Two such initiatives are education courses on Dose Adjusted for Normal Eating (DAFNE) and self-management for newly diagnosed people for diabetes (known as DESMOND).

Outpatient services

Well-established, nurse-led clinics run daily in both diabetes centres. They treat diabetic patients with complex problems such as physical, psychological or visual impairment. They also help to establish complex patients on insulin and regularly advise GPs and Practice Nurses regarding care in surgery.

Inpatient services

We have a well-established in-patient service supplemented by a team of diabetes nurses. Involving a multi-disciplinary team approach, our aim is to enable the patient to be discharged from hospital and to provide education and support to ensure a safe recovery after they have left the hospital.

Paediatric services

We have a paediatric diabetes service providing ongoing care for children and their families, and other carers, e.g. teachers.

For further information visit Diabetes UK

Video consultation

Currently, a small number of eligible patients can choose whether they wish to attend their clinic appointment in person or try out the online video consultation. Find out more information here.