1. In November 2019, Northampton General Hospital Trust announced it was postponing ‘some’ non-urgent inpatient surgery procedures until the end of March 2020 to free up capacity for emergency care.
1A. In November or December 2019, did your Trust also postpone non-urgent inpatient surgery procedures until March 2020 (or later)?
1B. How many procedures were postponed?
2. In November 2019, NHS sources reportedly said that extra funding was being offered this winter to Trusts. Trusts were asked to put forward suggestions and make the case to NHS England for this supplementary money.
2A. Did your Trust put forward a case to NHS England to receive extra funding for the winter period?
2B. What quantity of funding did you ask for?
2C. What purpose did you propose for the funding?
2D. What quantity of winter funding did you receive from NHS England?

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