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I would like to request access to the following information, including any data from the past five years:
1. Any complaints or escalations from each trust across the UK relating to technology. Including new technology being introduced (iPads etc.) as well as complaints about the internal computer systems. I would like this information broken down by hospital or other location (e.g. ambulance dispatch centre or community area), and would like the details of each the complaint.
2. If the above has an impact on the A&E department, I would like that detailed separately.
3. Any information that is submitted internally relating to complaints about technology
4. Information about any tech trials your trust has been a part of, including smart watches, iPads etc. and any feedback you have had on these.
5. Any instances of periods of time where hospitals are unable to function normally because of issues with the IT systems. Including details of the trust and time it took to fix the issue
6. Results of the employee survey for the past 2 years, including any mentions of frustrations around technology.

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