1. Contract Category: Please see select from the categories provided; Enterprise Content Management; Asset Management; Data Management and Reporting Systems; Mobile Application Solutions.
2. Existing Supplier Name for each contract
3. Software Brand: Can you please provide me with the actual name of the software. Please do not provide me with the supplier name again please provide me with the actual software name.
4. Contract Description: Please do not just state two to three words can you please provide me detail information about this contract and please state if upgrade, maintenance and support is included. Please also include the modules included within the contract.
5. Number of Users/Licenses: What is the total number of user/licenses for this contract?
6. Annual Average Spend for each contract
7. Contract Duration: What is the duration of the contract please include any available extensions within the contract.
8. Contract Start Date: What is the start date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.
9. Contract Expiry: What is the expiry date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.
10. Contract Review Date: What is the review date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. If this cannot be provide please provide me estimates of when the contract is likely to be reviewed. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY
11. Contact Details: I require the full contact details of the person within the organisation responsible for this particular software contract.
12. Notes: Please provide me with any further information with regards to this contract this could include any contract extension available as well as information on renewals or plans for future tenders.

· Enterprise Content Management- covers the provision of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and associated services including Document and Records Management (EDRM) solutions e.g. document scanning, image processing, web content and workflow management and systematic control e.g. document life cycle solutions.

· Asset Management Software- is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization.

· Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS) Software – covers the provision of Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS) software and associated services for the purposes of business intelligence, data and performance management including data warehouse provision, data manipulation, quality and integration tools, data analytics and big data solutions.

· Mobile Application Solutions- covers the provision of Mobile Application Solutions for the purposes of delivering mobile application requirements for a variety of mobile devices, platforms and interfaces.

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