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1. In the year of 2019 how many patients were admitted into your trust into an acute bed? Please discount any community patients
2. Not including any Covid-19 escalation beds, how many acute beds does your trust have?
3. In 2019, how many deceased patients were managed within your mortuary services throughout your trust?
4. Please provide the order codes of the 3 most commonly used/order body bags or concealment bags within your trust in 2019 and provide a breakdown of amounts ordered for these 3 codes. Please include both direct orders and/or those through any procurement frameworks
5. When ordering mortuary products, do you purchase alongside any other trusts in a formal or informal purchasing agreement? If so, please name those trusts.
6. Do you have hoisting facilities in any of the mortuaries in your trust?
7. How many fridges do you have all of your mortuaries within your trust?

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