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1. How many times on average did inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients go to their GP with symptoms before they were diagnosed at a hospital in your trust in the last five years (inclusive)?
2. On average, how many times were IBD patients referred to a specialist by their GP before an eventual diagnosis was made in the last five years (inclusive)?
3. What proportion of patients in the last five years (inclusive) required an A&E visit as a result of their disease between their first contact with a GP and receiving a positive diagnosis?
4. What proportion of patients had their IBD treatment fail in the last five years?
5. What proportion of patients and how many in total underwent an emergency or elective colectomy in the last five years?
6. What proportion of colectomies in the last five years was as a result of treatment failure?
7. What was the success rate of elective and emergency colectomy in the last five years?
8. What is the average per captia cost of treatments for IBD per patient at your trust?
9. What is the mortality rate for IBD patients at your trust?
10. How many colectomy surgeries have been postponed due COVID-19 measures taken by the trust, and what proportion is this of the planned total number?

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