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1. You have provided me with the expenses on translation and interpreting. I understand this cannot be split any further, so it includes written and oral, thanks for providing this info. Can you please clarify whether it includes British Sign Language (BSL)? If yes, do you have any data on the spending on BSL for those years so I can subtract it from the totals?

2. Do you have any data on the languages covered? Just to clarify, I do not need a breakdown of costs per language, just a list of languages that you had requests for over those five years. Any data you can share would be greatly appreciated.

3. I am afraid my second question was not clear and I apologise for that. I would be interested in the Expenditure Budget (including financing) of your organisation for each of those financial years. It is probably something like a few hundred million pounds per annum. Can you help with this, please?

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