1. Is there training provided to non-clinical, front-facing staff about human trafficking and modern slavery in your Trust?
2. If training is delivered in your Trust, which staff receive or are eligible to receive this training? Is the training compulsory and how is attendance / completion measured? What format does this training take (e.g. e-learning, face-to-face, etc.)? How long does the training take to complete?
3. If there is no training in your Trust, is human trafficking incorporated into a safeguarding training programme or policy? If it is part of a safeguarding programme, does that programme also include a section on the Prevent policy?
4. For either stand-alone training or training which is incorporated
into a safeguarding programme or policy (please specify which): Are staff trained in potential clinical indicators for human trafficking victims? Are staff trained in who to refer a potential
human trafficking case to? Are staff trained on the questions to
ask to ascertain whether a patient is a victim of human trafficking? How often is the training completed?

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