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1. Does the trust have a firm date on when temporary staffing will cease in Audiology at MTW NHS Trust? If so, when? If not – what is the indicative time frame?
2. What schemes have the trust done to try and lower the cost associated with costly agency staff? Have the trust looked at alternative agencies?
3. What agencies/providers are used to provide the locum Audiologists presently used at MTW NHS Trust?
4. What is the present banding of locums for each locum used within Audiology?
5. What is the process used to identify the requirements for each locum for each band?
6. What is the scope of practice for the current locums, what sort of clinics are they conducting? I.e. adult rehab, diagnostics, hearing therapy, vestibular diagnostics etc. Please itemise the type of clinics conducted and tally this with the band of the locum.
7. Are there any band 7 locums within your department?
If so, what were the requirements that you sought for this banding?
8. What agencies are the present locums procured through?
9. What agencies were used for previous locums? If there is a difference in the locum agencies, what is the reason for this?
10. Are fresh graduates without a MSc considered as suitable for a Band 7 position within MTW NHS Audiology? If so, what is the justification?
11. Does the MTW NHS Trust follow the scope of practice mandated by the professional body for Audiology (British Academy Audiology) and the skill mix requirements for each banding i.e. band 7 requires M level theory knowledge and 3 years clinical experience (post qualification)

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