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Sourced Staffing Arrangements
1a. Do you have a master vendor (MV) or neutral vendor (NV) arrangement in place for sourcing agency staff? If so, please state which arrangement is in place
1b. What is the name of the MV/NV provider?
1c. Please provide the contract start and end date for this provider
Temporary Staffing Spend
2. How much did the organisation spend on agency (non-contract) staff and internal bank staff for the financial year 19/20 (April 2019 – March 2020). Please fill in the table to represent the agency and bank spend for the below staffing groups-
Direct Engagement/Outsource Employment Solution
3a. Does the organisation use a third party to provide a Direct Engagement (DE)/Outsourced Employment Solution? (This is where the NHS organisation sources agency staff via a recruitment agency but hold a direct contract between the organisation and the worker – there is often VAT savings associated to this employment model)
3b. What is the name of the DE/Outsourced Employment supplier? (e.g. 247Time/Allocate, PlusUs, Retinue, Liaison etc.)
3c. Under the DE/Outsourced Employment arrangement, which staffing groups are managed? For example; Medical, Admin, Scientific etc. Please list all applicable
3d. Does your DE supplier provide reporting as part of their service? For example, producing NHS Improvement weekly return reports
3e. Please provide the contract start and end date for the DE supplier
3f. How much did the organisation spend in 19/20 for the provision of the direct engagement service?

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