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1. Does the Trust have a dedicated Sustainability Lead? If so, please provide their name and email address
2. Does the Trust have a sustainability plan to achieve NHS Net Zero and if so, please could a copy or link to the plan be provided in response to this FOI?
3. Does the Trust foresee any challenges in meeting the targets set out in NHS Net Zero? Please choose from the options below
4. Does the Trust have a designated budget set aside to make environmental improvements? If so, what are the amounts?
5. Is the Trust participating in one of the 40 Net Zero Carbon Hospital Standard Framework builds? If yes, please provide site information together with the start and completion dates for build.
6. Is the Trust working towards discouraging petrol or diesel cars onsite across the Trust estate? If yes is there a date for introducing this measure and any further detail you can provide?
7. What organisations or information sources does the Sustainability Lead and/or Trust consult, to broaden their knowledge of key sustainability initiatives, to seek guidance and inspiration or to research?
8. Please highlight the statement/s which most closely relate to the Trusts belief in sustainability and value
9. Does the Trust have plans to improve or focus on any of the following net zero themes in the next two years (please highlight or add a mark next to as many options that apply)
10. Does the Trust include social value and community engagement within their definition of “Sustainability?
11. Does the Trust champion or participate in any social value projects? If yes, please can you provide a top-level list of projects ongoing or that are planned in the next 24 months
12. Does the Trust prioritise particular themes as part of their social value and community engagement activity?
13. Will social value become part of the Trusts tender scoring process for suppliers in the next 12-24 months? if yes, how will this be weighted (an estimate is fine)

Download response Sustainability. 071021.docx