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1. Please can you tell me how many Structured Judgment Reviews (SJRs) the trust has carried out since 1st January 2020 and how many of these reviews involved the death of a patient with hospital acquired Covid?
2. If the trust does not use the SJR method, please can you give me the numbers for the equivalent method you use e.g. a Serious Incident.
For the avoidance of doubt, when I refer to hospital-acquired Covid I am referring to both probable cases (a positive test 8-14 days after admission) and definite cases (testing positive 15 days or more after admission).
3. Additional question received 26 March 2021: What was the outcome of the SJRs (or SIs, if the SJR system is not used). For each SJR please give a brief summary of outcome e.g. any particular processes that were changed, any conclusion as to what went wrong).

Download response Structured Judgment Reviews (SJRs). 220421