Name of your Trust
Number of hospitals you provide sterile services to
Number of instruments processed each year?
Number of trays processed each year?
What is the sterilisation cost (in £’s) per instrument? Please provide breakdown if dependent upon tray size
Which specialty has the highest instrument sterilisation requirement?
Are your sterile services, on site or off site?
Are you sterile services in house or out sourced?
What is the isolated cost of sterilising loan trays/instruments in 2015?
If in house
total annual cost 2015 excluding staff
total annual cost 2015 including staff
Number of staff?
Total number of hours over-time paid 2015?
If off site
What is the distance to the off site?
What is the carriage cost incurred? Please provide breakdown if needed.
If outsourced
What is the total annual cost to fast track instrument trays?

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