1 could you please advise the staffing levels in the ward’s split between day and night and also weekends with again split of day and night.
Could you break this down by consultants, doctors, sisters, charge nurses, other ward staff split between trained and untrained.

2 could you also advise how it is possible for a member of the family to speak to a consultant, Doctor, Sister about their loved one and their treatment and condition. Particularly if they cannot speak for themselves in their best interests either through illness or age.

3 I notice that the Pembury hospital not surprisingly is now going to add another ward which I think will have a capacity of 38 beds. When will this open. Where is the money coming from.

4 when the old Pembury and the old Tunbridge Wells hospitals closed down there was a loss of beds. I have been told by staff in the past that the numbers lost were 200. Is this true. If not what was the figure.

5 the old Pembury had a history of a large number of mental health beds involving three wards. Probably close on 60 beds. These all closed. They were not transferred to Maidstone as commissioners would like is to think. Maidstone already had two wards for mental-health purposes and this did not change. All that happened was that they gave one of the wards the name of Brocklehurst for expedient confusion. However to get to the point we know that over the last three years due to inadequacy of mental health beds the additional cost of placing out of area for mental health trust has come to the region of £18 million. It doesn’t look as though the third ward of Maidstone is having any material effect to contain bed usage for mental health to the local area.
At the point of closed down of the mental health beds the consequence of consultation was that 10 mental health beds would be preserved at Pembury. Without further consultation this was countermanded and scrapped. Given the opening of this new ward and the space that obviously exists in the hospital are any of the mental health beds going to be reinstated in Pembury.

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