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Q1. Does your trust use a standard pre-designed consent form (or set of consent forms) for any of the spinal cord stimulation (SCS) procedures listed in the table below? Please specify for which of these procedures such a consent form exists.
Q2. If your trust does use standard consent forms, please provide me with digital copies of the relevant forms and make clear what procedures each consent form is used for.
Q3. Please provide digital copies of any patient information leaflets or guidance about SCS that is given to patients by your trust.
Q4. With reference to your trust’s coding database, please tell me how many of each of the following SCS procedures were performed by your trust in each of the years 2016 and 2017 – the relevant OPCS 4.x codes are:
Q5. Which OPCS coding version (or version of whatever other coding system) is used by your trust (e.g., OPCS 4.5)?

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