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There are two types of skin cancer MDTs; Local Skin MDTs and Specialist skin cancer multidisciplinary teams (SSMDT).
Specialist Skin MDTs will normally consider patients who:
• Have a rare skin cancer.
• Have SCC or melanoma that’s at higher risk of coming back or has come back.
• Have any type of skin cancer that’s spread to another part of the body.
• Need treatment that the Local Hospital Skin Cancer MDT doesn’t provide.
• May be offered to participate in a clinical trial.
If your Trust hosts a Specialist Skin MDT, we would be very grateful for the names of the MDT participants please.
Specialist Skin MDT members:
Plastic Surgeons:
Clinical Oncologists:
Medical Oncologists:
Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists
Skin Cancer MDT/pathway coordinators
Other MDT attendees

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