Question 1
How many of the following scanners do you operate in your Trust?
Question 2
For each scanner, could you please fill in the table below with the requested information?
Question 3
Have you used a mobile MRI or CT scanner in the last 12 months? If yes, approximately how many scans were undertaken on a mobile scanner in the last 12 months, and which provider was used?
Question 4
If so, what was the primary reason for using mobile services? (Please allocate an approximate % if multiple reasons)
Question 5
If a mobile scanner has been used in the last 12 months:
– What is the main reason why a new static scanner has not been installed to serve this volume? (Please allocate an approximate % if multiple reasons)
Question 6
Is your Trust planning on installing a new scanner, a new mobile scanner or adding third-party operated scanners, in the next 12 months? If so, is this as a replacement for a scanner already in your Trust?
Question 7
How much do you spend on outsourced radiology reporting, by hospital (or across Trust if not broken down at hospital level)?

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