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1. What is the name of your rostering supplier?
2. What is the contract start date for your rostering supplier?
3. What is the contract end date for your rostering supplier?
4. What was the annual cost of your rostering supplier for the financial year 19/20 (April 2019 – March 2020)?
5. Are there any exit costs incurred for changing rostering supplier? If yes, please state the exit cost
6. What framework was used to procure the supplier?
7. What percentage of workforce are rostered on the system?
8. Can staff self-roster on your platform? Self rostering is when a staff member can sign up to shifts and choose their own work schedules themselves
9. What percentage of rostered shifts are ‘self-rostered’?
10. Does your rostering solution allow for automatic generation of rosters?
11. How is the rostering system hosted?
a. On-premise
b. Supplier Private Cloud
c. Microsoft Azure
d. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
12. Are Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) offered as part of the standard service/solution (included in the standard cost of the supplier) with your rostering supplier or are they offered at an additional cost?
13. If this if offered at an additional cost, what is the annual cost for API’s from your Rostering Supplier?
14. If your Rostering system offers API’s can you confirm that it supports the NHS Digital Data Model 4 for interoperability between rostering and bank management systems? The NHS Digital Data model 4 is a fundamental requirement of ‘Interoperability’ meaning the ability of computer systems or software to exchange data. The NHS Digital Data model 4 ensures all systems and components use a common, open data standard that is vendor neutral and can be accessed by all systems (and suppliers) to pass data around the system.
15. If your Rostering system does not currently support NHS Digital Data Model 4, which year/quarter have they indicated they will support the NHS Digital Data Model 4 by?
16. Does your rostering system integrate with Electronic Staff Record (ESR)?
17. What other third-party systems does your rostering system integrate with?

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