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You asked:
1. How many hours does it take to onboard the following types of employees who are new to the Trust:
a. Doctors
b. Nurses
c. AHPs
d. Social Workers
e. HCAs
2. How many hours do the following pre-employment compliance processes take?
a. Application form checks
b. Right to work checks
c. Verification of ID checks
d. DBS application
e. DBS Update Service checks
f. References covering 3 years
g. Immunisation record check
h. OH checks – Fitness to Practice
i. Registration checks
j. Degree verification checks
k. Pre-employment training checks
l. Employment Handbook and policy distributed and signed
m. Contracts of employment distributed and signed
3. On average, how many people are involved in onboarding of one healthcare professional?
4. In the last 12 months, how many of each of the categories listed below have you onboarded?
a. Doctors
b. Nurses
c. AHPs
d. Social Workers
e. HCAs
5. In the last 12 months, how many individuals to whom an offer of employment was made did not start?
6. How many FTE HR staff do you employ for?
a. pre-employment compliance checks
b. Onboarding processes
7. How many FTE HR staff do you employ in total?
8. What Band and spine point are compliance and onboarding staff employed at?
9. Do you use a manual/paper system for compliance and onboarding?
10. What IT systems (if any) do you use for compliance and onboarding?
11. Is the IT system part of a wider HR integrated system?
12. Are those systems shared with any other organisation?
13. What is the annual cost of the system/systems in total?
14. If shared with another organisation, what is the annual cost of your share of using the system?
15. Do you require signed paper copies for any of the following?
a. Employee contract
b. Handbook
c. Any policies or procedures
d. Application forms
Please provide the information by email, with any attachments you consider appropriate.
Note, for the purposes of clarity, consider the following glossary:
• AHP – Allied Health Professional, • HCA – Health Care Assistant, • OH – Occupational Health
• Onboarding – the process of managing an offer of employment through to first day for a new starter

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