Please could you provide the information requested in the attached survey.
Please could this survey be completed in electronic format and returned to me via email.

Freedom of Information Request
NHS Acute Trust Custom and Practice Application of NHS Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions for Reckonable and Continuous Service
Name of NHS Trust?
Section 1. Trust workforce composition
1.1. How many employees does this Trust currently employ?
1.2. How many of these employees have joined this Trust in the last 3 years?
1.3. How many of these recent employees joined this Trust directly from another NHS employer?
Section 2. NHS Electronic Staff Records “ESR” adoption
2.1. Does this Trust currently use the NHS Electronic Staff Record system (“ESR”)?
1 Yes No
2.2. If yes, which year was ESR implemented in this NHS Trust?
Section 3. Continuous service start date confirmation from previous NHS employer
3.1. Please confirm which method this Trust uses to obtain the Portable Data Set (PDS) for new employees joins this Trust directly from another NHS employer?
3.2. Please confirm the name of the form field/ data field/ question routinely used in the transfer request to determine the employee’s continuous service start date?
(e.g. “NHS Entry Date”, “CSD 3 Months” etc.) Note: If a process other than IAT is used, please specify the exact question wording/data field definition used.
3.3. Is the continuous service start date (“CSD”) provided by the previous NHS employer routinely reassessed by this Trust? (i.e. employment record review to confirm start of continuous service date)
Section 4. Assessment of prior reckonable service
Note: NHS Agenda for Change terms and conditions of service section 12.2 includes the provision that NHS Employers have discretion to take into account any period or periods of employment with employers outside the NHS, where these are judged to be relevant to NHS employment.
4.1. Does this Trust ever exercise its discretion to recognize as reckonable service, periods of non-NHS employment which are relevant to the position held with the Trust? (for example, University service)
4.2. Please state the number of employees, joining this Trust over the past 3 years who have…..
a. Had relevant previous non-NHS employment counted as reckonable service?
b. Did not have relevant previous non-NHS employment?
c. Had a request to recognize relevant previous non-NHS employment Denied?4
4.3. Do you routinely recognize relevant previous non-NHS employment when calculating each of the following Agenda for Change reckonable service benefits…
a. Maternity rights/benefits
a. Redundancy rights/benefits
b. Annual leave entitlement
a. Sickness benefits
4.4. If you have selected No to any of the above (4.3), please specify why?
Section 5. Reckonable service recognition of relevant non-NHS service in redundancy calculations
Note: Redundancy FAQ’s suggest that where employment is outside of the NHS but is relevant to NHS employment, it would be reasonable to include this in the NHS redundancy calculation.
5.1. How many Trust employees have been made redundant in the past 3 years?
5.2. Of those employees made redundant in the past 3 years, how many had relevant previous non-NHS employment?
5.3. Of those employees made redundant in the past three years, have any had non-NHS reckonable service included in their redundancy calculation?
5.4. If yes (to 4.6), how many employees have had this discretion applied during this period?
5.5. If no (to 4.5), please specify the reason?
Please add any further comments which may aid the interpretation of data provided in this questionnaire?

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