1. How many beds are in your trust?
2. How many Medical Devices are managed by your trust?
3. How many Clinical Technicians/Engineers are in your Trust?
4. Do you use RFID tracking technology, if yes, Please answer the below questions.
a. For what purpose do you use RFID? (i.e. Records, Patients, Medical Devices, Security etc.)
b. What were the initial setup costs of the supplier? (0-10k, 10-20k, etc.)
c. How many medical devices are tagged?
d. Do you use Passive or Active Tagging?
e. Approximately how long does it take to perform a ward audit using RFID?
f. What are the main medical device types tagged?
5. How long does it take your EBME department to perform a ward audit (for Non-RFID users)?

Download response Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. 111116