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Part 1
1. Does your Trust/CCT currently use a private company to undertake any of the following services?
• Public Relations
• Social Media Communications
• External Stakeholder Communications
• Internal Stakeholder Communications.
2. If yes, can you please confirm?
• When the current contract(s) was/were last let
• When the current contract(s) expires/expire
• Whether the current contract(s) has/have options to extend its length
• When you expect to retender the contract(s).
3. If no (to question 1 above), are you considering letting such a contract(s) in the future and if so, do you have an approximate timetable for engaging the market?
Part 2
4. Have you used a private company to help you with any other marketing or public information campaigns in the past 2 years?
5. If so, could you please provide a brief overview of what those campaigns were about and approximately how long your contract with the company was for to support the campaign(s)?

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