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1. How many printers/MFD’s does the Trust have?
2. Does the trust have a managed print service contract? If so who provides the managed print service?
3. When was the contract awarded and what is the length of the contract?
4. What is the approximate spend on print annually?
5. Who is responsible at the Trust for the running/upkeep of the Managed Print Service solution?
6. Does the Trust have an onsite print room? If yes, who manages the print room and what are the contract dates?
7. Does the Trust use an external supplier for commercial print? If so, who is used and what is the approximate annual spend?
8. What is the volume of outgoing mail sent by the Trust?
9. Does the Trust have any hybrid mail services for sending letters or other correspondence?
10. If yes, who is the hybrid mail provider, when did this contract start and what is the contract term?
11. What is the Trust’s percentage of DNA’s (Do not attend)?
12. What is the approximate annual spend on mail?
13. Does the Trust have a strategy to manage patient records electronically? If so please detail.
14. What PAS system does the Trust use?
15. Does the Trust have an EDRMS (electronic document records management system)? If so which EDRMS software does the Trust have?
16. Does the Trust have an EPR system? If so, which EPR system does the Trust have?
17. Does the Trust have plans to procure an EPR/EDRMS/records management solution?
18. How many physical patient record sets does the Trust have?
19. Who at the Trust looks after the patient records?
20. Does the Trust utilise a 3rd party storage organisation to store/manage paper notes or is Trust-own space utilised? Please detail.
21. Is the trust scanning any patient records-in-house or via a 3rd party scanning bureau? If so how many records have been digitised?
22. How many personnel are employed within the health records management team (to file, retrieve, update physical records)?
23. If scanning is done in-house, how many personnel are involved?

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