1. Is the Trust currently under contract with regards to pressure area care mattresses? If so with who?
2. When is this contract due to end?
3. How many mattresses are in the contract?
4. Is this a rental or a purchase contract?
5. Does the contract cover the servicing of these?
6. Does this contract cover bariatric as well?
7. Does the contract include beds?
8. If not who is this contract held with?
9. How many static (foam) mattresses on average does the Trust purchase in a year?
10. Which manufacturer’s mattresses do you use and is this under contract? Who is the main Tissue Viability Nurse for the Foundation Trust?
11. Who is the main Procurement Manager for the Trust?
12. Who would manage the procurement of mattresses within the trust?
13. Does the Trust receive any decontamination service for beds and mattresses?
14. If so with who?
15. How many inpatient beds are there at each site?

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