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1) Current medical equipment contracts – pressure area care

a) I would like to know what pressure area care devices are used in your trust. Please include details regarding pressure relieving mattresses and other pressure redistribution devices e.g. pressure relieving cushions, foot protectors, pads etc.

b) For each of these devices, how many of each device are used in your trust per year?

c) For each of these devices, please detail which company these devices are acquired/bought from and the type of contract this company is operating under

d) Please detail when did each of these contracts start? (If no formal contract, then please detail when purchasing from the company began)

e) How long is each contract for?
f) What is the expenditure on each of these contracts per year? (If no formal contract, then please detail how much is spent on each type of device from each company per year)

g) For each of these devices, please detail how they were acquired (e.g. acquired through the NHS supply chain or acquired through direct negotiation with companies?

h) What is the overall expenditure on pressure area care devices in your region per year?

i) Does your trust have a preference for a company offering all pressure area care devices providing all of the components of 1a) (e.g. pressure relieving mattress, pressure relieving cushions etc.) or do you instead opt for a collection of different companies each providing one (or more) of the aforementioned devices in 1a) (e.g. separate pressure relieving cushions, pressure relieving mattresses etc.

I would like all the information from 1a to 1g in the form of a table (excel if convenient)
If, after this, there is still time left as per the FOI Act then please answer the questions of this next section (Section 2):

2) Procurement methods

a) Which procurement method do you use (e.g. restricted/single source/open tendering/ any quality provider etc.) to identify which supplier will deliver pressure area care devices

b) Please detail the procurement method procedure once a pressure area care device contract has ended (e.g. do you typically offer contracts with the same supplier or do you reopen the tendering process to all potential suppliers/specific suppliers)

c) How often do you invite suppliers to tender for pressure area care devices?

d) Please detail the number of providers which tendered for a pressure area care device contract each time you invited providers to tender for contracts.

e) Detail the criteria by which you assess a supplier that is tendering for a pressure area care device contract and please rank these criteria in terms of the weighting given to each component.

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