1 How many physiotherapy appointments are made each Year with the Hospital/Trust?
a. How many of these are postponed/re-appointed for a later date
b. How many are cancelled
c. How many are DNA
2 How much is the Trust paid for each Physiotherapy appointment by the CCG (please indicate if there are different tariffs with different CCGs)
a. For the initial appointment
b. For the follow-up appointments
c. Is the Trust paid for cancellations?
3 How many referrals are from Acute Medicine (ED/Fracture/Ortho) to the Physiotherapy department are there per Year and how many from Primary Care.
4 Does the Trust work with any none NHS rehabilitation partners?
a. Please identify which speciality for rehabilitation
b. Please indicate the organisation
5 What is the mean and modal average waiting time (in days) for a physiotherapy appointment from initial referral from an NHS service (GP/Acute/other) to receipt on initial treatment at the physiotherapy department?
a. How are changes of appointment communicated?
6 For those attending a timed/scheduled/booked appointment at the physiotherapy department
a. how many are treated at that time stated on the appointment
b. For those not treated at the booked time, what is the average waiting time discrepancy from scheduled appointment to actual appointment
c. How long is the mean and modal average scheduled appointment time (in minutes)
i. How long is the actual mean and modal appointment (in minutes)
d. How many patients’ appointments re-scheduled after turning up at the booked time, but are unable to be seen due to delays
7 Does the Trust face any penalties for cancelations/re-scheduling appointments from Government/NHS/CCG?
8 What is the Trusts official stance on referrals to Private Physiotherapy services?
9 Does the Trust offer any private/paid for physiotherapy/rehabilitation service?

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