1. Is payroll managed:
A. in-house
B. outsourced
C. combination of in-house and outsourced
2. How many payroll staff does the trust / health board currently employ (please provide the number of WTEs)?
3. How many payslips did the organisation process in-house in 2015/16?
4. Please provide details below of 3rd parties / external providers used to provide payroll services to the trust / health board:
5. Do you use any other 3rd party payroll software to process the payroll? If so, please provide:
a. Name of supplier:
b. Annual cost:
c. Contract end date:

Non-Mandatory Training
6. Please provide your total spend on:
a. Leadership development training in 2015/16?
b. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training (afc bands & vsm only) in 2015/16?
7. What was the highest payment made to any private sector training providers in 2015/16 and what was the training for?
8. What non-mandatory training and development courses did you engage in 2015/16 (please list all courses)?
9. Please state the organisation’s training and development budget and actual spend on external providers in the years specified below:

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