1. When the service was implemented and the specialties included.
2. Monthly values for the numbers of patients contacted/reminded.
3. Specific details of any aims/targets set of the reminder service and whether or not these have been achieved.
4. Details of any patient complaints or technical difficulties encountered whilst the service is in operation.
5. Where are the servers used to process the appointment reminders located?
If the service uses SMS
6. Do you use NHSMail or another?
7. Where are the SMS carriers servers located?
If the service uses automated IVR/IVM (Interactive Voice Response/Interactive voice Messaging) calls;
8. Where are the servers that undertake these calls located?
9. Do the IVR servers process patient identifiable data?
If the service uses agent calls; Not applicable
10. What percentage of the overall service outcomes are completed by an agent?
11. What information do agents have access to?
12. Are all agents making the calls based in a call centre?
13. Where are the call centres situated?
14. If not what percentage of calls are made by home workers?
15. Geographically, where are the home based workers?
16. What security measures are in place to prevent home-based workers from replicating data locally?
17. Are all home based staff CRB checked?
18. Have you received any complaints at all regarding the agent call service (including but not limited to: manner, tone, ability to understand accents or dialects)?
19. Please provide details of the member(s) of staff responsible for the implementation and continued running of the service and their role within the Trust?
20. Do you have or have you considered any other uses for your reminder service? If so what are they?
21. How do you keep personal information secure when transferring to a third party supplier?
Please provide details of:
22. Supplier
23. Expected contract length
24. Contract review date
25. Cost/Value of contract
26. Details of the implementation costs and on-going support costs.
26. Details of the processes followed to procure an appointment reminder service.
27. Details of the channels used to publish the notification of procurement, for an appointment reminder service.

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