1. Who is/are the contractor(s) managing parking at both/either site(s)
  2. How long have they had the contract and when does it/they expire?
  3. What revenue arrangements are in place?I.e where does the money from parking go?
  4. What arrangements are in place for the sharing of parking charge notice revenue?
  5. What input did the trust have in setting the parking charge notice levels and the hourly charges for parking?
  6. Does the parking contract allow for the contractor to initiate and take forward legal action on behalf of the trust in cases where parking charge notices remain unpaid?
  7. I should like to see a full unredacted version of the contract between the trust and any contractor for parking management.
  8. What is the trusts policy regarding intervention at the request of service users after parking charge notices have been issued?
  9. How many times have the trust intervened at the request of a customer and what was the outcome on each occasion?

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