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1. Does your organisation run a traditional Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) as envisaged by the NHS Plan in 2000. Yes / No
2. If ‘No’ please advise how you receive and manage service user feedback:
3. What type of PALS service do you operate: Please tick…..
a) An open PALS service – accessible by e-mail, letter, telephone and in person
b) A closed PALS service – e-mail, letter and telephone only
c) A closed PALS service with pre-bookable appointments
4. What hours is your PALS service available?
5. What is the interaction with complaints:
Two separate services?
Yes / No
A combined service with discreet job roles?
Yes / No
A completely combined service?
Yes / No
6. How many staff are employed in PALS and Complaints – please supply the number of full-time equivalents in each team. PALS Complaints
Band 2
Band 3
Band 4
Band 5
Band 6
Band 7
Band 8 and above
7. How many service user contacts do you deal with per month?

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