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1. Please tell me whether the trust carries out routine identity checks on patients attending outpatient appointments to ascertain whether they are ordinarily resident in the UK.
2. If yes, please answer the following questions:
A) Which patients undergo such checks? (– e.g. all those attending first appointment for a new care pathway)
B) Please state what forms of documentation they have to provide? (e.g. passports, proof of address)
C) What happens if they cannot provide proof of being ordinarily resident?
3. Please also state how many Overseas Visitor Managers (OVMs) or Overseas Visitor Officers (OVOs) are employed by the trust (Please state as Full Time Equivalent)
4. Please state the highest bill which is still outstanding owed by an overseas visitor for a) 2017/18 to date and b) 2016/17.
5. In relation to question 4, please broadly state the nature of the treatment (e.g. ophthalmology, kidney dialysis, obstetrics) and the nationality of the patient, if known.

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