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Please could you provide me with a list of each of the overseas patients within your trust who have been billed for NHS care during the whole of the financial year of 2016-17, and any from the financial year 2017/18 that you currently have available? Please do not include the billing of any EEA nationals, or private patients. If possible, please format the data in an excel spreadsheet and include only:
1. Year of birth
2. Nationality
3. Sex
4. Amount invoiced
5. Date invoiced
6. Year of entry into the UK – if the information is held

If this is felt to be too much information to give out
1. Instead of year of birth, please provide whether they were born before (not including) 1971, or after
2. Please indicate if their nationality is one of those below, please group their nationality by continent if applicable (this is a list of commonwealth states in 1971)

Download response Overseas Patients. 140618