We have identified through Patient Environment di Action Teams (PEAT) and Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) surveys that the hospital MAIDSTONE GENERAL HOSPITAL was assessed on the following dates: 20-Jan-11, 09-Feb-12, 26-Apr-13, 23-Apr-14, and 29-Apr-15. We would like to ask, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

1. Are the dates recorded correctly, if not could you please provide us the correct ones.
2. Whether the cleaning service, during that period, was contracted-out to an outside contractor or was delivered in house.
3. The annual amount of money spent for the cleaning service.
4. The name(s) of the company(s) which provided theses services, if contracted-out.
5. The number of staff employed, annually, for the cleaning service.
6. The complete text of all communications between all cleaning-service provider(s)), both if they were outside contractors or internal ones, and the hospital trust management within six weeks of the above listed assessment dates.

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