This would relate to the purchase of Orthopaedic products for the latest year (and previous years if possible).

Specifically, I’m interested in products related to primary Hips and Knees procedures. This would include:

Hip Replacement:
– Primary cemented/cementless Femoral implants
– Metal/Ceramic/Bipolar/Unipolar Modular Heads
– Standard/Crosslinked polyethylene Acetabular cups
– Standard/Crosslinked/Ceramic/Metal modular Acetabular inserts

Knee Replacement:
– CR/PS Cemented/Cementlenss Femur Primary Bicondylar
– FB/MB Primary CR/CS/PS Articular Surfaces
– FB/MB Primary Cemented/Cementless Tibial Components
– Cemented/Cementless Tibial Components

I’ve attached an example of the data format I would find useful, which lists :
– The Supplier
– Order Quantity
– Unit Price or Order Value (both are listed)
– Item Description
– Order Date

Download response Orthopaedic suppliers – July, August, September 2015 160216