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1) Please advise the estimated number of patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy at your hospital(s) each year.
2) What is the preferred ‘barrier’ mouthwash product prescribed to patients for oral mucositis treatment and/or prevention?
3) Which of the following ‘barrier’ mouthwash brands, if any, have previously been prescribed in your hospital(s):
– Caphosol
– Gelclair
– Mucodis
4) What is the estimated annual spend on mouthwash?
5) What is the estimated annual number of units of mouthwash prescribed annually?
6) How much Saline and Difflam mouthwash are prescribed for OM?
7) What are your current prescribing pathways for oral mucositis care?
8) Do you currently prescribe anything for the prevention and/or treatment of the following conditions:
– Vaginal mucositis (Vulvovaginitis)
– Rectal mucositis
– Radiation dermatitis

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