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1. Please provide name and contact details (email address and telephone number where possible) of any Lead Cancer Nurses and Cancer Managers you have within your Trust, broken down by site, and then department and speciality of cancer.
2. How much cancer related agency usage from January 2018 to November 2019 has the Trust used? This is a request for Nursing only. I request for this information to be broken down into the following:
a) unit/site and ward/department
b) grade/title (i.e. Band 5/6/7 Nurse etc.)
c) amount of hours and/or full time equivalent (FTE) broken down per month during the requested time period above
d) total cost of agency usage (in £) per month during the requested time period above
e) what agencies were used, along with total amount in £ per agency on a monthly basis during the requested time period above
3. How does the Trust source any cancer-related Nurse agency requirements? I request your answer include any frameworks that you use along with the number of SLAs you have in place with providers.
4. Based on your answer above, can you confirm the number of incidences whereby your agency need has been charged above NHSi cap, broken down per shift on a monthly basis i.e. April 2018 = 25 shifts.
5. Who is responsible for making the decision on which agency/recruitment business to use to fulfill your agency nursing requirements. Please include name and contact details (email and telephone number where possible).
6. What are the Trusts current full-time and part-time vacancies for:
a) Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists
b) Lead Cancer Nurse
c) Cancer Manager
d) Chemotherapy Nurses
e) Radiology Nurses
f) Oncology Nurses

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