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1) Do you currently have:
a) A specific local AIS policy?
b) An accessibility policy which references the AIS?
2) How many of the following have you received since 1st April 2019 regarding provision of accessible information:
(a) complaints?
(b) compliments?
3) How many of the following items have you issued to patients since 1st April 2019 under an AIS request?
(a) large print letters
(b) braille letters
(c) audio files
(d) email letters
(e) text messages
4) What engagement do you have with people with a visual impairment regarding your implementation of the AIS?
5) What proportion of your staff has received formal accessibility training in the last year?
6) What percentage of current online material has been officially checked for compliance with the Government’s Digital Accessibility Regulations?

Download response NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS). 121021.docx