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Task Management Functionality
3a) Please name the PAS and/or EHR system used at the organisation that provides functionality to support the management of tasks. E.g. patient-level, ward level or site-level clinical and operational tasks. If a separate system/supplier is used to support task management, please provide further details on this system (including contract dates and annual cost in 19/20)
3b) As part of the implementation process, was the system that provides task management installed on existing devices i.e. a software download, or did it require the installation of new technology?
3c) Please indicate which type of tasks the system captures in the table below
3d) Does the system provide static task lists, or can tasks be automatically escalated and allocated to other staff members?
3e) Please indicate the type of staffing group task management is used by?
3f) Does the system have the ability to share tasks from the hospital to social care and vice versa? I.e. local authorities can view the status of the patient and outstanding tasks, supporting a joined-up approach to care-co-ordination

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