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1. The type of neonatal unit you have (NICU, Local Neonatal Unit or SCBU). If you have more than one site, please provide the highest level.
2. The region your hospital is in from this list (trusts will only be identified by region in the analysis):
a. South East
b. London
c. North West
d. East of England
e. West Midlands
f. South West
g. Yorkshire and Humber
h. East Midlands
i. North East
3. Activity (in bed days) for the following Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs):
a. XA01Z
b. XA02Z
c. XA03Z
d. XA05Z
4. Your 2015/16 and 2016/17 Tariff for the above HRGs. Please provide your full tariff including any MFF enhancements.
5. Current neonatal nursing vacancy rate (% of expected) at
a. Band 5
b. Band 6
c. Band 7

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